From the Editor

As an interdisciplinary and international peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Security Strategies is published quarterly. The Journal was first published by the Strategic Research Institute (SRI) of Turkish War Colleges in 2005 and has continued its publication life uninterrupted since then. Its publishing rights have been transferred to the Atatürk Institute of Strategic Studies (AISS) established under Turkish National Defence University in 2016. The name of Our Institute has been changed to Atatürk Strategic Studies and Graduate Institute with the Presidential Decree numbered 5309 and dated 17 March 2022.
Our aim is to reach the top level of quality and competence by evaluating the papers/articles in the fields of strategy and security within the scope of a peer-reviewed journal. We also aim to contribute to the literature of the field in Turkey, to reach a respectable ranking among peer-reviewed journals and to become a reference journal in our field both at national and international levels.
Indexed in several national and international indexes, we do our best to be indexed in Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), which indexes only a few social sciences journals from our country.
Our journal is open to all who wish to contribute to the field with their articles.
Prof. Gültekin YILDIZ, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Security Strategies